Monday, June 8, 2009

Phone Pics @ 4 Months

Those chunky legs are an illusion--at his 4 month appointment he was only weighing in at a whopping 13.6 lbs (in the 19 percentile).
Sweetest face and sweetest boy ever!

Some of Miles' faves:
1. Getting loves from Gus
2. Pulling on Tugs long locks of fur
3. Looking at myself in the mirror
4. Rolling in both directions (stomach to back & back to stomach)
5. Giggling at silly daddy
6. Hiking with my puppies
7. Snuggling with mommy
8. Visiting my grandmas & aunts/uncles
9. Showing off my gummy smile.
10. BUT MOST OF ALL... receiving kisses from my Gussy! (he giggles like crazy when Gus kisses him and he follows him, with his eyes, everywhere he goes)


Peebles Family's Foorprints said...

It's crazy how fast babies grow. I always miss the infant stage when my kids grow into toddlers. I can't believe my baby has turned into a six year old. Kids really age you.

Amy & Wes said...

Those pics are adorbale.
I especially love the last one with his rosey cheeks and pouty lips. He is too cute.

Brooke Nelson said...

Oh having sick kids is the worst. And there isn't anything you can do with a baby (as far as medicine and things). I always feel so bad for them!

Adorable pics!