Thursday, May 6, 2010

Daddy Spoils

It will be an adjustment having Mommy home full time in multiple ways. With a new baby coming and moving that would typically be enough on one child, but Miles is in for a rude awakening! Occasionally I will receive phone pictures of my two boys in various places through-out the day. This time, however, I received pictures of them eating ice cream, french fries and chocolate milk for lunch. I keep telling Miles to take advantage of his time with Daddy because when Mom is home we're eating brussel sprouts and green beans for lunch everyday. :)

He actually looks disgusted by all of that sugar.
Yesterday Miles went in for his 15 month doctor appointment and we can no longer considered him a "little" twirp. He's jumped up on the charts and it saddens me that he's getting so big.
Weight: 23 lbs (28 percentile)
Height: 31 inches (46 percentile)
Head Circum: 47.2 cm (51 percentile)

Of course after the trauma of receiving 4 shots daddy had to take him to the store to get a "surprise" and of course Miles picked out yet another ball. This time it was squiggly, squooshy and lights up when you play with it. Daddy definitely spoils!


Sabrina said...

It's all that ice cream and fries that fattened him up.

Liz said...

That's what daddys are for. :)

Cute Famols said...

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