Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mimi & Boppo!

Grandma & Grandpa Vigil (Mimi & Boppo) visited us in NM and met Graham for the first time. Even though they were only here for couple of days we tried to cram in as much snuggle and play time as possible.
Those cheeks are definitely kissable. Graham's aren't all that bad either ;)

My boys snugglin'
Miles getting a push from Boppo and showing off his mad bicycle skills. Speaking of bikes, we went to the REI garage sale today and Miles spotted a skuut from across the store and immediately went to it. I'm seriously amazed at the coordination he has on bikes at such a young age. Santa is most likely bringing a bike this year. And a helmet. And knee pads. And wrist guards... you can never be too cautious with "MAD MILES".
After Grandma & Grandpa left Miles cried and thrashed about the house, but we're glad we got to spend a couple of lazy days with them.

Nope... still no trim! The afro is starting to grow on me.


Dan and Laura said...

It's cute to hear that Miles gets so attached to his visitors. :) Way to go on the bike!

MMB Peggy said...

What a fun visit - love the pictures!! Can't wait for you to get here so I can get back to playing with your boys.

bmarie said...

LOVE the matching jammies and that hair is OUT OF CONTROL! See you soon.