Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Catchin' Up (sort of)

After spending almost a month and a half in Utah, we're happy to be back home in our routine. While in Utah, Miles learned the ever annoying skill of climbing out of his pack-n-play so he spent most nights sleeping in a closet (I know it sounds neglectful, but we knew he would be safe and sleep in there-- AND-- he LOVED it-- weird kid!). Graham discovered the possibilities that awaited him by playing while sitting up right. Mom learned that she needs sleep and her husband to function. Tim learned that he missed us terribly while he was in Albuquerque without us and jumped aboard an earlier flight to be with us.

I know it's been a while since posting and I will eventually catch up with our many adventures over the last month, but until then I leave you with my child "sleep skiing".

Sleep skiing = not a good combo!


Teisha said...

When are you guys coming here? Please oh Please! I need to see that baby before he gets any bigger!

Love the sleep skiing pictures! Those are awesome!!

Miss you guys!

Sara T. said...

Don't worry Graham is not alone I sat in the closet in our bedroom a few nights to read when Adam was asleep. Closets are cozy!

bmarie said...

Sleep skiing? I didn't know that was possible. How awesome is Miles...until the crash.

Dan and Laura said...

That's hilarious he fell asleep skiiing! Graham looks SO grown up all of the sudden! Super cute round face!