Friday, February 25, 2011

Skier Cross World Championships

Deer Valley hosted the skier cross race and we popped in for a couple of hours to watch.
I miss watching Tim race in skier cross. During the race he leaned over and told me he placed higher than a bunch of the racers that were in the top eight. Part of me wishes he still raced this category-- so fun to watch the men fight their way down the hill against 3 other skiers.

The Pegster joined us for the day and helped me with the kids when it began to get too cold, so Tim could stay up there and watch the race a bit longer. Always a joy to be with Tim's mom. :)


Dan and Laura said...

What a cool hobbie! Don't tell him I've only ever been skiing once in my whole life. :)

Congrats on Miles's hair cut too. His "after" shot still shows some awesome locks!

Sabrina said...

For some reason Miles reminds me a lot of Logan in the 2nd picture.