Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Family Photos in Park City

Wow!  Getting four humans and two dogs ready for pictures is A LOT of work.  Good thing we only do that one time a year!  We met my cousin up at that famous white barn just outside of Park City for our pictures and I'm so glad we chose that location because the views were amazing and our back drop couldn't have been more beautiful.

*** click on the photos for clearer quality.  I'm not sure why they're blurry.  ???
We had a lot of really chaotic pictures like the one below.  Kids melting down. Dogs running away or being unruly. A two year old not cooperating or smiling.  Strangle holding the animals.  CHAOS I tell ya.  Pure chaos!
But, we also got a bunch of sweet baby giggles caught in the act as well.
Like I said earlier, Miles was difficult to control, but once we let him run wild we were able to get some great candid photos like the one below.  No joke-- we didn't pose him-- he posed himself.
Miles and Tug playing with a stick.  This depicts our life right now!  Miles is ALWAYS chasing some animal around with some sort of weapon.  I really am more of a referee than a mom on most days.
Graham of course is ALWAYS photogenic.  We have so many photos of him smiling RIGHT INTO the camera.  Such a sweet boy and snuggler he is.  We're so glad we were able to get a few priceless photos up there.  We didn't have a whole lot of expectations of the photos, knowing our entourage was a large and difficult one to work with, but we're thrilled with how they turned out.  


Teisha said...

LOVE! You guys are so cute! Pictures are always a nightmare! Good thing you have such a great photographer, you can't even tell! How long are you in Utah?

Dan and Laura said...

You've got some great ones there! Your hair is long an beautiful! I do love the kids melting down photo too. :)

Sara T. said...

You and the fam. look so beautiful! I love that you include the puppies in the pictures I am not sure if I will ever be able to get Vader and Sparky together for a good shot. I can't believe how big the boys are getting! I was thinking about it and its insane it is almost a year that we have been in this house. Still loving it!

Amy and Wes said...

Cutest pictures ever. They turned out SO darling of all of you.