Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We've been all sorts of sickies around here lately!  First, Graham caught some form of a respiratory virus, that he most likely picked up from my gym's nursery.  After a week of the nebulizer I thought we were in the clear and then Miles caught a cold and I caught some form the respiratory virus.  Hacking, wheezing and barely breathing, we couldn't wait until this week has passed.  It's been a long one, to say the least.
Surprisingly Graham did pretty well with the nebulizing mask.  Such a sad little face, though.
Please take note of Tim's sweet comb over hairdo.  His hair is getting super long and he's pulling out all sorts of hair styles, just because he can.


Dan and Laura said...

So sorry. I hope everyone feels better soon! I like Tim's creativity. :)

Unknown said...

So sorry you have been so sick. And very glad you are all feeling better now. Love Tim's hair - his nickname among my friends was always "hair-boy." It's fun to see him getting back to his roots!!