Monday, November 21, 2011

Lazy Saturday

What is there to do when it's cold and rainy outside and the kids have colds?  Well... we stay put, fix needed repairs and stay in our pajamas ALL DAY LONG!
 Please take note that we have to put Miles' pjs on backwards because he likes to strip down to his nakedness and shred his diaper into a million pieces.  He has yet to figure out how to unzip himself from the back.  It's only a matter of time, though.
Sure do LOVE these three boys!  Although two of them are in needed of haircuts ASAP.  Can you guess which two I'm referring to?  ;)


Dan and Laura said...

Making house repairs is not "lazy." Well done! That's pretty clever to put Miles' pjs on backwards. :)

Sara T. said...

Haha I love it! Your kids are so awesome and entertaining to read about. :)