Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ski Day at Sandia Peak Resort {Ham's First Day on Skis)

Yesterday it snowed a lot (for Albuquerque standards)!  The roads were not plowed, schools started later, businesses had delayed openings and we went skiing!  We spontaneous decided to book it on up to the nearest resort, which happens to be just under an hour away.  On the way up there, Miles kept singing, "we're going skiing, we're going skiing, go this way daddy, go that way daddy."  Apparently he knows a better route to get to the resort.  Maybe we should have listened, because we got stuck behind an extremely slow snowplow and it took us quite a bit longer to get there, but all was well once we arrived.  Miles could hardly contain himself with excitement.
At one point M realized I wasn't using the red straps to hold him up and he turned around and said, "mommy you need to use my dog leash, please."  Whatever you say Miles.
 Best believe it!  Graham skiing for the first time at 19 months!!!  He beat M's record of beginning at 22 months.  We'll just ignore the fact that he kept saying, "I want out!" the entire way down the hill.  Not sure if he wanted out of Daddy's arms, out of his ginormous ski suit, or out of the ski's itself.  Whatever it was, he didn't enjoy it as much as we anticipated.  He did enjoy throwing snowballs at his brother, though.  Stinker!
Such a fun morning in the sun and SNOW!


MMB Peggy said...

From the pictures, it looks like everyone was having fun!!! Love it.

Dan and Laura said...

You guys are such die hards! :) FUN!

Sara T. said...

Oh my yet again Miles never ceases to amaze me with the things he does/says. Love it. Love the " "mommy you need to use my dog leash, please." lol. You have an adorable family.

Meg said...

Hee hee I love it. Got your valentine card today and ate all my chocolate! Xoxo

jerri said...

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Anonymous said...
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