Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Happenings

We've had many Easter celebrations the last few days...
The ladies in our ward gathered together and put on an Easter egg hunt at the local park.
This is Grahams new mode of transporting his basket-- around his neck!  Hey, it frees up his hands to pick up more eggs. I'd say that's a rather ingenious move on his part.
basket heads!
 Graham's found another resourceful use of our plastic Easter eggs-- using them as cups for his applesauce.
Dying eggs... and our hands...and our counter tops...and everything else that gets in our way.
That rascally Easter bunny left some foot prints leading to the boys' baskets and Miles was beyond excited about that.
 "I know the baskets have got to be around here somewhere.  The footprints end right here!"
Checking out our basket loot and new camp chairs.
And last, but not least, snuggling on the beanbag for Easter outfit pics.
Happy Easter!  Hope your holiday was filled with as much eggcitement as ours was!


Dan and Laura said...

What cute crazy boys! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...
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