Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mimi & Boppo Visit!

Mimi & Boppo (Grandma & Grandpa Vigil) came to visit us in Albuquerque.  The boys loved having their grandparents at their disposal.  While here, we showed them our favorite spots at the aquarium and botanical gardens.

The aquarium as this underwater tunnel swarming with bright colored fish and fluorescent green eels.  At one point Miles took off and ran back to this spot.  He could lay there and stare up at this exhibit for hours.
Side Note:  The aquarium hosts these nights under the sea events.  They allow members to bring their sleeping bags and sleep over and I've contemplated doing that with M, but I'm a little hesitant because he's so young.  Maybe in the future, maybe?
Who's curly-blonde headed wild child is that?  My little Grahammy has sprouted a ton these past few months.  It's hard to believe at times that I can have full-on conversations with my baby and he answers me back with his opinionated answers. *sigh*

 We also spent time showing Grandma & Grandpa our cool toys and built elaborate road ways through-out the toy room.
Also done, but not pictured, was a ride up the tram to Sandia Peak, hiking, eating out at many restaurants (but mostly take-out from the beloved Taco Cabana), and just hanging out enjoying each other's company.  We absolutely LOVE visitors, especially ones that dote on us with so much love.  Thanks again for coming Mimi & Boppo (you'll never live that name down DAD).  We love you!