Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Party

We had a small gathering with friends on Halloween.  Below is our spooktacular group.  A froggy (minus his head piece), t-rex (with enough head piece for the two of them), spiderman, pilot, & itty bitty skeleton!
The adults ate hot bubbling "Witches Brew".
The kids at "Mummy Dogs".
Then we devoured marshmallow/yogurt pretzel skeleton cupcakes and candy corn colored cupcakes
"Ghost Poop" (powder donut holes)
"Goblin Eyes" (meatballs in the background) & an assortment of poisons to drink.
Then, luckily Grandma Wade came into town earlier in the day so she was able to join us on our trick-or-treating.  The boys had a better understanding this year about Halloween and all things spooky.  Even days later they are asking to watch "spooky cartoons" and eat their "scary candy".