Monday, January 21, 2013

A Desert Christmas

Putting Up The Tree
 This was our first year spending Christmas in our own home and waking up to our own Christmas tree.  It's bittersweet-- I love celebrating holidays with just our little family, but I miss all of the family parties, Temple Square and the snow in Utah.
This year, my little M started drawing me "spooky santas" and "scary reindeers".  Not sure why he was still in Halloween mode, but his sweet little drawings melt my heart.  I love watching him expand in his abilities.
Putting ornaments on the tree 
 Of course, we have to celebrate in the nude.  We wouldn't be true to ourselves if I posted clothed children.  These kids LOVE their underwear!
Visiting Santa at The Bugg Light Display
This was an ominous night.  Earlier in the day was the Sandy Hook shootings and we debated if we should still go to see the lights or not.  However, we opted to go, but the crowds were minimal and their Santa Clause was weak, to put it nicely.  Next year we will be going back to the Mall for our Santa picture needs.
 The Bugg Light Display is put on by a private school and all of the light displays are obviously pulled together by children for the children.  My kids absolutely love the wood train and playhouses so I'd say that even though Santa was a bust, the displays were a hit.
 Ward Christmas Party
This year I was in charge of the decorations for our ward party and boy was I glad when it was all said and done.  Phew!  It's a lot of work to decorate a plain square box room. :)
I found these fun prints on Pinterest and they fit the need of making this ward Christmas party more about Christ than Santa. 
 Homemade Christmas Gifts
Anytime we can pull out the paints and get our craft on we take advantage.  This year we painted picture frames for some of the Grandmas.  After the paint dried I covered the entire thing with Mod Podge to give it a glossy look.  They turned out so darling!  We will be doing this again.
Christmas Book Tradition
Each year we pick out a new Christmas related book, wrap it up and let the boys open it a few days before Christmas. This year it was a nativity pop-up.  It's a fun tradition and a way to build our Christmas book collection. 
 Reindeer Run
On Christmas Eve morning we met up with a bunch of families from our ward for the 2nd annual Reindeer Run.  Dressing up is optional, but we took full advantage of our reindeer headbands and red paint.
 Half way through the run Miles asked for a drink, but it ended up in his lap and the rest of the run he spent with his pants around his ankles.  He HATES wet clothing.  Funny kid.
 Gingerbread Houses
A couple of days leading up to Christmas my mom and Kailee came out to Albuquerque.  With our red noses still painted on our face from the earlier reindeer run, we constructed than ate our gingerbread house.
Christmas Morning
I'd say we have some lucky kiddos!  Miles finally understands that Santa is watching and if he was naughty he would not bring gifts.  I played that one up-- big time. 
 Christmas jammies from the Christmas Elf (Tim's family tradition)
 Their first look at the tree!  I believe we woke Grahammy up so he was still a bit groggy.
Sadly, Kailee came down with the stomach flu Christmas morning so she spent her time sleeping. :(
After our presents were unwrapped, we ate a delicious breakfast and played with our toys.  While the boys were napping Christmas came down!  I know-- I'm OCD, but we were leaving the next morning for Utah and I didn't want to come home to it all, so down it came.

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