Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Dara!

So I'm just about a day behind and all of my family member's and friend's birthdays. :) Dare Bear just turned 24 on November 11th! Dara is my sister that is currently in law school in Minnesota. I have SO MANY memories from my childhood with Dare Bear! When my Dad and Step-mom lived in North Carolina, while my dad was doing his residency, we would play in the thick green and very wet forest behind the house and pick blackberries from the landlord's farm. In the evenings we spent the majority of the time catching and collecting fireflies in glass jars (that were not ventilated, and we were always so sad when we woke up the next day to discover they had died).
We were also notorious for putting on "poopet shows" (AKA puppet shows). When we were very little our plays would take place behind the big round boogery (thanks to Brian) papasan chair. When we got really good at the poopet shows we would make elaborate sets and charge the parents to attend these well practiced shows. At some point, Dara and I decided that we were too old for the plays and we became apart of the audience to some of these "lovely" plays, of which we have some recorded footage, and if I ever get my hand on it, I will post it!
Currently, you'll find Dara living in St. Louis, going to school, studying like a mad woman, and playing with her very naughty, but cute, oversized miniatured dachshund, Sophie. Happy Birthday Dara, I love you!

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