Monday, April 14, 2008

Kim di Compleanno felice! (get Sam to translate)

Kim is one of my dearest friends. Her and I grew up ice skating together, but it wasn’t until later in life that we actually became better friends. We actually became attached at the hip when the 2002 winter Olympics were in town. We did the open and closing ceremonies together and realized that we had a blast together. Some of my most fun memories with Kim are:

-Walking around the streets of Seattle and visiting the fish market in Pike’s Place. I didn’t dare touch the slimy fish and we really wanted to take a picture so instead one of the fish mongrels/workers threw a rubber chicken at me and scared the living crap out of me. In turn, we now have some hilarious pictures of me holding a rubber chicken by it’s neck, while Kim braves the actual fish (of which was almost the size of her entire body).

-Watching our husbands feed off of each other (they act so silly when they get together…and I’m so grateful they are such good friends, because we have SOOOO much fun when we get together)

- Playing board games late into the evenings

- Randomly getting together on a whim (we would usually call each other up and 5 minutes later we were hanging out…that was until they moved to Arizona) :(

- Visiting her in Arizona three weeks after her little baby was born (we spent the entire week working out, cooking, watching sappy love story movies, playing with her newborn babe, and laughing)

- Swimming in her parents lap pool into the wee hours of the night

- Having summer BBQ’s

- Just chilling and watching movies

- Going up into the mountains and cooking tin foil din dins (of which, on multiple occasions, ended fleeing the campsite fast because of the stinky skunks and mean raccoons that were after our food…hilarious times)

- Just chilling and hanging out with her family. We just love their parents and feel so comfortable just sitting and chatting with them.

- Going to Sun Valley on our Girls only weekend

- Crying together over romantic movies and looking at each other in the middle of our cry-fest and just laughing because we both look ridiculous. :)

- And watching her be a mommy. I just love observing her and learning from her. She is a great example to me and I’m so glad she’s such a great friend. We love you Kimmy and we can’t wait to live closer to you guys (whenever that might be). Happy 29th Birthday! Il tatto libera per andare today…it di commando il suo giorno…fa che lei vuole. (get Sam to translate again) :)


kendall said...

Kirstin!!So I just had a friend link me to your blog with the comment "She skated and she's from Utah so you must know her...". It's great to find you. We've got a blog going at Also, I went out to dinner with Jed last Friday, talk about skating flashbacks!


Sim & Kam said...

Ohhhhh. I love you girl. Thanks for the fun memories. I seriously want to come to Utah just to see you. All those memories are so fun. I cannot think of one memory with you that is not fun, funny, pleasant or touching. Grazie! Tu sei la mia amica migliore. (get Tim or the computer to translate)

Erika Hanks said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday Kim...hopefully she will read this. You should come visit her....and see me while you are here!!!