Thursday, May 15, 2008

80's Flashback

While briefly cleaning out my mother's garage this weekend, Meg and I found a plethora of toys from our childhood. After a bit of scouring we were able to find my old rhythmic ribbon, hula hoop, pool noodles, and my dear skip-it. Of course we had to try everything out. To make ourselves feel less childish we invited the 8-year old neighbor girl, that was sitting on the lawn watching us, to come over and join in the fun. After many shin-bruises I finally was able to rekindle my love for the skip-it. Meghan on the other hand was quite the rhythmic ribbon connoisseur. Her skills were quite something to behold. She whipped that baby around like she had never left the 1980's.

Here I am trying to concur the hoop and ribbon all at once.

Good times, good times. It's really too bad we couldn't find the old pogo stick. That would have made the experience.

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