Friday, May 16, 2008

My Sister, The Gap Model

Kailee had a photo shoot about a month ago and these are some of her shots. It's crazy to think that she is so grown-up and beautiful.


Sabrina said...

HOLY CRAP!!! I would have never recognized Kailee (sp?). Those are awesome photos and she is REALLY growing up.

Em said...

Kirst...your mom stopped me while I was walking with Mason last week, and I saw Kailee...she is SO grown up and CUTE...these pix are darling! It was funny to think that I babysat her when she was Mason's weird how fast time flies! I LOVVVEEE your mom and was so happy that she flagged me made my day! :)

Anyway, you should send these pictures into a kid agency...DARLING!

Sim & Kam said...

Wow. They look great.

3 C's in SLC said...

Miss K,

You know, your mom produces some beautiful children! Wow, Kailee is quite the model. Awesome pictures! I hope you are having a fantastic time in Hawaii.
I shall miss you!


Anonymous said...

It's me it's a great photo of me huh LOVE you kirsty!

ka ka bug said...

Cute It's like looking in a mirror!