Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Toy!

We purchased a new toy! It was a long time coming and we're soooo glad we finally took the plunge (into our bank account that is).
Now, we ain't no professionals and don't strive to be, but I certainly love that I can snap the photo without delay and the quality is a bazillion times better than our little old point and shoot.
While momma was away at work yesterday daddy and Miles went to the park to give it a test run. Again, we're still learning the ins and outs of our camera and the fanciness of it, but I can't help but love the photos Tim took of him-- even if they're aren't professional quality.
I love our new toy, but seriously how can a mom not love a new toy that displays the utter cuteness of her child? :)


MMB Peggy said...

It doesn't get any better than this. The very best time of your life with your darling family. Love the pictures of Miles!! And, love you both too.

Lindsey said...

That boy....seriously!!!! He is a doll!!! Can't wait to meet baby brother!

Becki said...

How fun!!! you will LOVE that camera. I think every parent should have one like that because it does make it so much easier to capture cute pictures of your kids! Miles is SO cute!!

You still hanging in there??

Sabrina said...

They are worth every penny!

Mike & Mindy said...

You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE having that camera. Seriously you don't have to be a professional...the camera will do all the work.

Will you please call and tell me how you make your blog so cute and creative? Please? Am I missing the blogspot memo on how people are getting cute backgrounds and title bars?

Call me! How are you!?!?

Teisha said...

Love Him!! You are going to love love your camera! Just in time for Timothy Graham!