Friday, June 18, 2010


It's such an appropriate name for this animal. He definitely "Tug"s on my heartstrings, bank account, my marriage...etc. This morning Tug underwent surgery due to an electric fence shock collar irritating his neck to the point of severe infection. $1,000 later he is now recovering nicely with many kisses and pats from Miles, belly scratches from Tim and occasional loving glances from me. Before having children Tug was like a child to me. Now-- he's an animal. Things change when you have kids and I thought they never would, but they do. It's a good thing he's the sweetest, most gentle dog you'll ever meet-- AND-- it's a good thing Miles absolutely adores him! Otherwise, I'd be looking for another home for him. I know. I know. You can all call PETA on me now.


Sabrina said...

I thought you had found another home for him. I keep teasing Peggy that I'm pretty sure that dog isn't going to NM.

So is that why Tug stunk so bad?

Meg said...

oh tuggy bear! you better just love him like a child again, he really is the sweetest kirsty. I wish I could take him. ooohhhhh little tuggy

Mike & Mindy said...

Poor Tug. I just called PETA. (puhlease...we gave away Snickers for a little poop. you have MUCH more tolerance lady).

Any baby yet???