Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mr. Independent (sometimes)

Gosh darn this kid! He's trying his hardest to be more independent, but can't quite lick the habit of the binky and still needs momma's help dressing. He's constantly stealing his little bro's binky and blankets and as you can see his clothing too! Yesterday I told him to go put his pants on and he came to me like this, with his brother's shirt around his knees.
In other independency news--there are times he wants to be the one read to and he will come to me and snuggle in my lap with a book and sit there giggling at all of the pages for close to 30 minutes, but at other times he wants to be the one reading the book. Of course Graham is subjected to whatever Miles desires at this point, but somehow I don't think Graham minds. He absolutely adores his big brother and will follow him around the house squealing with joy. These two are such crack ups! I love being their mom!


Dan and Laura said...

What a funny little guy! That's awesome they're getting along so well. We are also dealing with binki/blanket attachment issues. McKenna is interacting more and more with Ben in a NICE way. But she still has her unkind moments. It's darling to see Ben's little eyes follow her around the room though. :)

Teisha said...

He is so cute! Don't worry too much about the bink he is still small. You'll look back at this and realize it's just not a big deal. Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks!