Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our New Adobe Abode!

We're finally settled in our new place and we LOVE it! It's so nice to spread out and use all of our furniture again and to get rid a TON of stuff. I'll take you on a tour...

The front entry way

Kitchen and dining area
Master bedroom
Master bathroom & boys' bathroom upstairs

Play area/loft
View of the living room from the loft & Guest bedroom/craft area

Living room with wall of windows. We haven't really decorated or hung any pictures yet. Any ideas as to what I could do with those HUGE built in shelves?

Backyard/side yards

This post is missing pictures of Miles' room because he's napping currently and I can't take pictures, but you get the gist. I also didn't want to post pictures of the front of the house because the numbers are visibly noticable and I'm too lazy to edit them out right now. :)

So what do you think? Did it entice you to visit us in NM?


Sara T. said...

Oh I love love LOVE it! Can I move in? lol

Dan and Laura said...

I also love it! I love all the big windows! Very nice!

Sabrina said...

Minus the glass bricks your house reminds me A LOT of Teisha's house. The main level does. So cute.

The Van Leeuwen Family said...

I LOVE IT!!! I love how bright it is!

Melissa and Jeff said...

This is really great! Did you buy? I can't remember if NM is a fairly permanent thing for you guys. Congrats!