Monday, May 2, 2011

Climbing, climbing, climbing and SNOW

Since Miles has been climbing on EVERYTHING these days (I mean everything-- counters, desks, tables, window seals, bookshelves...etc.) we decided to take him outside to climb on rocks. This was his first time out climbing and we weren't sure what to think. He was a little unsure at first, but then decided he LOVED it and didn't want to leave. Like father, like son!
Tim did some poking around on the internet for some easy hikes/climbs for kids and came across this small boulder field. It was PERFECT!
You can see a little fear in his eyes, but that quickly vanished.
He was climbing so fast I could hardly keep up.
Then on Saturday we took the boys to the Balloon Festival Museum. Miles ran around pointing and screaming at every hot air balloon in the vicinity before we headed out to the grounds where they were having a kid's festival with activities galore. Miles again climbed up all of the big toys by himself, but once at the top of this slide he didn't want to come down. We had to talk a little girl into PUSHING him down the slide because he was holding up the line.
On Sunday, after church, we hunkered down in our house because it was a bit chilly outside. What we didn't know was that it was about to SNOW!
Proof that he climbs everything.
The boys were enamored by the falling snowflakes and sat by the window for almost an hour. Miles kept calling them, "bubbles."
Such a fun weekend packed with activity and family time. I wish I could freeze these two little boys like this forever. Such a fun time of life!


Sabrina said...

Okay I don't feel like Graham is getting enough love. Can you please send him up to my house ASAP. I need his chubbiness before it all goes away.

Lo loves this tiny rock wall at the park. I keep thinking Miles needs a harness so when you guys come up here Tim can take Lo climbing.

Dan and Laura said...

What a great idea to take Miles out to climb. Cool snow pictures too. :)

Teisha said...

Umm what did you do to Gus? I think that is most definitely inhumane!

Anyways LOVE the pics! The one of you and Tim is so great! Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks! I will call you in the am to give you my itinerary!

em said...

Can I steal Graham, just for a day?!!?? Kirsten, he is the funniest little guy, and I LOVE his blond hair, and face...both your boys are just adorable! It's been a while since I've blogged or checked out others' blogs, so it was fun to see all your updates. Hope you're enjoying your time in NM, but I am SURE your mom misses you and those boys like crazy!!!!!