Saturday, May 7, 2011

Meg Peg Leg Visits!

It took a little warming up to Aunty Meg Peg Leg, but after the initial fear wore off this kid was HAMMING IT UP. I find it extremely appropriate with his name being GraHAM!
HAM LOVES to do the downward dog by himself and he just had to show it off to his Aunty.
Pull out a camera and he pulls out this face...
...or more of these.

We didn't waste anytime with Aunty Meg. We went straight to the park!

Then the next day we ran around doing mothers errands, but not before jumping around at this fun indoor blow-up slide and jump house.

Everyone got in on the fun.

Not only does HAM like to do yoga, but he also likes to do gymnastics with his backbends.
Then, of course, we had to take Meggy on a BEAUTIFUL hike up on the ridge of the Sandia Mountains. The drive up there was brutal with all of the twists and turns. Meg got a little car sick. The boys were screaming. I was annoyed. That part was NOT fun, but the actual hike had beautiful views and the temperature was perfect. We even discovered a little bit of left over snow.

It was a short little visit. Too short, really, but we'll take anything we get with our Aunty Meg Peg Leg. We just love having her around and can't wait for our next visitors in a few weeks-- Teisha, Addy & Aidan! :)

I realize this post has NO pictures of Tim in it. He was at work most of the time! :(


Sabrina said...

I now know what Meg would look like with a beard (the photo of her going down the slide). Hee!

Oh on my way to work I saw Tug and Bill off to work in the truck. Funniest thing because I couldn't even see Bill past Tug. So cute.

I might have to pack 2 carseats to Moab because I seriously want to steal Graham.

Dan and Laura said...

That Graham is a hoot! It's fun to see what your family is up to. :)