Monday, January 9, 2012

Zoo & Flu

The Zoo!
Hogle zoo had a free-for-all day and we took advantage of it.  Of course the grandmas and Kailee joined us again and were we ever grateful they did.  It was super busy so the extra hands sure did help out.
 The Flu!
Naturally just when we're having fun we all get hit by the flu!  However, this flu came with the works.  It put our little family down for a few days.  We missed scheduled play dates, ski days and dinners with friends. :(
Miles sure did take advantage of his opportunity to drink "bubble juice" (sprite).  We really only let him drink it when he's not feeling well so he was loving this little special treat.  The flu doesn't look any cuter than this picture above, does it?  Well, that about wraps up our trip to Utah.  We hope to be back in the summer some time. :)

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Dan and Laura said...

Fun updates! Glad you guys had such a fun trip to Utah for Christmas! The holidays are so fun with little kids. :)