Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sticks, Stones, and Dinosaur Bones...

... that's what little boys are made of!
These two nut balls are crazzzzzy about their dinosaurs!  Every animal "roaaaaar's" in my little Grahammy's mind.  Just LOVE them!
Graham has also become obsessed with his "Ga Ga" (Gus Gus).  He could play tug-of-war and catch all day with him.
On a different note-- my sweet little M is turning 3 tomorrow.  It's bitter-sweet, really.  I'm loving his language growth and being able to rationalize on a small level, but I'm hating how old he's beginning to look.  His curls are slowly disappearing and his baby fat is almost nonexistent.  His little hands and feet no longer have that adorable puffy fat covering them.  He doesn't like to snuggle anymore (not that he ever was a huge snuggler to begin with) and will find any reason to wiggle out of my hugs.  At times he can be quite the pest to his little brother, but then I catch glimpses of him enjoying Graham's company by forcing him to follow him around the house and play with him.  I constantly hear, "come on Gammy, this way... hurry up!"  It saddens me to think I only have a few more years of him at home before I ship him off to school.  Before I know it he'll be asking to use my car-- hopefully still wanting Graham to follow him along where ever he goes.  Oh I could reminisce all day.... (sigh).
If I had one bit of advice to give you (Miles) as you grow up it is to NEVER lose your spunk and energy for living.  I love that about you!  Happy Birthday Miles!


Peggy said...

Happy Birthday Miles. We love you and miss you so very much!!!

Dan and Laura said...

So bitter sweet to see them grow. :) Cute brothers for sure! Our current three year old is going through quite the phase lately... giving up naps, being SUPER contrary to whatever we say. *Sigh* Hope your three year old is nicer to you. :)