Monday, July 2, 2012

2 Years!

     Yesterday we celebrated two years with you.  We cannot believe how quickly the last two years have gone.  We have LOVED every day, hour, and minute you have spent with us-- you are an absolute joy!  We fell in love with you the moment we set eyes on your sweet chubby cheeks.  Just one year ago you were still nursing, and taking assisted wobbly steps.  Today you are a fast paced running (more than walking) and jumping full blown toddler.  We find joy in witnessing your interaction with your older brother--you absolutely adore him.  When you least expect me peaking in on you I watch you tease Miles with a toy and run at your fastest speed away from him giggling along the way out of pure silliness.
      Somewhere within the last year you learned to speak simple words, then simple phrases, and now you speak full sentences.  You are a little sponge and from the backseat of our car we will hear you spurt out full sentences of our conversation.  You are the brightest little boy and we enjoy watching you learn new words and the connections of their meanings.  You never cease to amaze us with your cognitive abilities.
      When I enter your room in the morning the first thing you mention is your brother.  You immediately go to Miles' door and knock, waking him up most of the time.  You hate to live a moment without him.  He is your constant companion and you occasionally copy and follow Miles to the point of annoyance. :)
       You have many favorites!  You love all foods and sweets, but especially anything with carbohydrates.  If given the choice, you would choose a wheat English "muttin" (muffin) over ice cream any given day.  However, you do love your daily dose of "yodurt" (yogurt) for breakfast.  We love how you are willing to try any new foods and on most nights you eat what we eat.  We take joy in watching your face as you decide whether something is worth while taking another bite of.  In fact, we take joy in watching all of your facial expressions.
       You love to chase bugs on the sidewalks, take walks to the mailbox, visit our elderly neighbors to give them hugs and loves, climb and go down the slides at the park, dig in the sand and bury your feet, ride-in your radio flyer wagon, visit the zoo/aquarium, feed the ducks and koi fish bread and graham crackers, run out to our driveway to watch and wave to the garbage man, play in your water table, splash and blow bubbles in the bathtub, visit your friends at the gym, help mommy bake, push your toy cars all over mommy's legs, shoot your basketball into your hoop with daddy, and kick your legs and swim in our pool.  But most of all you LOVE to run to the door to welcome daddy home-- that is your favorite time of the day!
        You are a ham!  When the camera is pulled out of it's bag you immediately start yelling, "cheese" and flashing a squinty-eyed, all teeth grin.  We love it!  You ham it up for the camera and for just about anyone you come into contact with.  Upon leaving church, the gym, the grocery story...etc. you give everyone a hug/kiss, say "tank you" and flash your cheesy happy grin.  You are a happy and kind kid!
        We love your lower voice.  When asked a question you always answer us with a low-toned "okay".  On the flip side, you have quite the squeal of unhappiness when you choose to let us see it.  Nice or naughty, we love every moment spent with you.  Life in the Fuller household would not be remotely what it is without you.  Our life is infinitely enriched because of your existence.  We love you more than words can say and could kiss your loveable cheeks until they fall off.
We love you Hammy!
-Mommy & Daddy


Greg Dazadi said...
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Greg Dazadi said...
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Dan and Laura said...

Happy BD Graham! 2 is so fun!