Monday, July 9, 2012

Eating & Wheeling on the Fourth

One of my favorite events our church hosts is the fourth of July breakfast.  This year the church members brought either fruit or a breakfast casserole and it was delish! This little porker (see below) couldn't get enough and sat at the table eating for almost 45 minutes straight.  He knows a good green chili casserole when he eats one.
Then came the wheeling around the parking lot and the kiddos went bazzirk!
This was one happy kiddo!
Then, due to the large amounts of fires we've all experienced lately we decided to do minimal fireworks this year-- two to be exact.  The kids didn't think much of it.  Probably because we did them while the sun was still out so the coolness factor was nonexistent!  Hope everyone had a fun and safe fourth-- we sure did!