Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Beana!

Sabrina turned 27 on Saturday.  I just thought I would take this time to state my 10 favorite moments/things about her.   

1.  The first time I met Beana we were all playing UNO (the fast version) and everyone (except me) was cheating against her.  When she finally figured out the corruption in the game, she stood up and used some choice words.  Then upon her leaving the house, I politely stated that "it was a pleasure meeting her" and she returned with a "I wish I could say the same."  And so became our first impressions of each other.  Of course it was all in fun and games and we tease her about it to this day.
2.  She is a YOGA machine and she is always enticing me to join her.
3.  She is an expert gardner and her yard always looks to immaculate.
4.  She HATES germs, bacteria, and sharing foods/drinks with others.  A couple of years ago she brought her chocolate fountain over to a family party and lets just say that she quickly left with it after someone purposely put their already licked finger in the chocolate stream.   I don't blame her for that one...that's totally disgusting.   
5.  She is the most amazing scrapbooker EVER!  I'm always amazed with her creativity and the effort/time she puts into all of our birthday cards.   
6.  Her sarcastic personality always has me laughing so hard.  She is extremely humorous and I love it. 
7.  She's quite the rock band extremist and is actually throwing a party to prove her skills.  
8.  When she goes camping she likes to go hardcore.  "None of this luxury camp stuff", she says.  While Tim and I thrive on these excursions because we LOVE to cook outdoors, her and Tad will cook simple meals in plastic bags if they have to.  
9.  She has such a strong testimony and it's hard not to notice when you're around her.   
10.  And, lastly she is the most adorable new mother.  She is so sweet to watch with her cutie patootie son, Logan.

Happy Birthday Beana, we love you!  


Sabrina said...

Thanks for the nice birthday shout out. It was nice to read after coming to work sick. Cute Logan gave me his cold. The only problem is I turned 28. Thanks for the yummy cake and the cooking stuff. I can't wait to use them once I'm not feeling so sick.

Tim&Kirst said...

eeek! For some reason I thought you were only a few months older than me. :( Sorry about the age mess up! If it's any consolation you look one year younger than you are. :)

Molly Sue said...

Ha ha! She's 28! Silly Kirsten. Happy Birthday Bean!!!