Friday, February 8, 2008


Bouncing Souls
Face to Face

Face to Face has reunited and going on tour this summer. Also...Bouncing Souls is coming into town on April 16th and will be playing at The Venue. This post is dedicated to all of those punk music lovers. (Don't worry we got a telephone call from Tim's brother @ 1:00am last night with this exciting news) :) We love ya Nate.


Sabrina said...

What! Where is the love? How come Nate didn't call Tad? Yea, now I can tell Tad and he'll think I'm the best person in the world (I have to work harder at being that person now that we have Logan). Hee!

I guess since that is Stoke's birthday they reunited just for his birthday.

J.C. & Tiana said...

Oh I think you just made J.C's valentines day the best of his life. He couldn't be more excited and wants you to count him in on both concerts. Thanks for the greatest news ever!!!

Sim & Kam said...

Miss you, miss you, miss you! (Just wanted to tell you I miss you)

Josie said...

count me in.