Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Annual Chalk Art Festival

My work had it's annual chalk art festival this past weekend and this year our artists were more talented than ever. Above is Meggy's art and she did this weird alien girl and it turned out super cute. She always does A-mazing eyes. Below is the artist that was next to her and his art work was so creative and colorful. I love how he put so many colors in just one little square foot.
I tried to attach more pictures, but for some reason my computer is giving me a hard time. Nevertheless can I just say how grateful I am to work for such a wonderful non-profit. Not many people can say they love what they do and enjoy going to work everyday. I love the Utah Foster Care Foundation. :)


jess said...

it looks like it turned out well! yeah! stories to tell when i return!

Becki said...

We go out to the gateway every year to see the chalk art. I love it! What a great non-profit you work for!

jess said...

kirsten do you all have a new email at ufcf? I tried emailing christina about suggestions to go in guatemala but it got rejected from her email and yours. can you email me at my full name @gmail.com? then hopefully i can get christina's email from you. we're in antigua currently

Tiffany and Colin's spot said...

Those are really cool. I wish I could go see them!

Hey can you email me you and/or tim's email addresses so that I can invite you to my new blog? (Plus I decided I should try to keep the email list up to date.) Hope you guys are well!