Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Birfday Feef!

Feefers just turned 16 and she's as silly as they come (aside from our other sister, Victoria). :) Just a couple things that I love about "Feef the Beef"...
1. She's as loyal as they come.
2. She's so silly and I find myself laughing at her and with her every time I'm with her.
3. She's beautiful and has an amazing smile
4. She has a good head on her shoulders and makes good decisions
5. She LOVES LOVES LOVES her boyfriend E-Fei and her BFF Blair.
6. She is an amazing swimmer and most always places at her meets
7. She loves animals (especially her horse Indie)
8. She loves the color purple
9. She loves to get dressed up, but can look beautiful wearing a potato sack.
10. She's a hopeless romantic
11. She's the best little sister (among all my little sisses) and I'm so glad I can call her "Feef". I love you Frannie...I hope you have a great 16th birthday (with lots of gifts).

By the way...last year she held a contest for who could get her the best birthday gift and I won! I gave her a framed picture of Gus with a note that said, "behind every wiener is a glorious gift". Then I hid some money in the frame. I won the best sister contest and have held that reign all year long. :)

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