Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kauai Pictures

Dara an I hanging out at Kipu Falls
The walk to Kipu Falls is surrounded by fields of very tall grass.
The sibs (minus feef and I)
Our amazing house. It had a beautiful courtyard with chairs and couches to lounge on. Thanks dad for the awesome stay.
Ziplining...aren't we a handsome group?
Brian--snorkeling at Queen's bath. Handsome dude...ladies he's single!
Me and the Pops!
Padre' & Vicky
Dara, Meg, Feef
Feef & Dara
Good going dad! My dad sat in this chair and it immediately buckled under him. To his defense, I could have broken one of these chairs...they were extremely delicate.
Hanging/reading outside our house
Water break! This was a beautiful 2 mile hike up to a secluded beach all along the Napali coast.
Funky tree and me.

*I don't have any pictures of this BUT... Meg, Dad, Brian, Vic, and Tim went on a "awesome" hike. The Hike was approximately 8 miles round trip, and it was caked with mud, tunnels, and barely there trails. Inside of the tunnels they had to use headlamps to see and at times they had to walk in water up to their chests. I wasn't feeling well that day and opted to stay back at the beach house, but part of me wishes I had gone. The pictures were awesome. When I get a hold of some, I'll post them.


Sabrina said...

YEA!!! You finally posted some photos. It looks like it was a fun trip. That's hilarious your dad with the broken chair.

Naomi Hazel Brice said...

I'm jealous...looks like a ton of fun!!!

Becki said...

I'm jealous! I'll get there someday *sigh*

So I thought I had your email address but I don't so will you email me at becki_groves at and I'll send you an invite to view my blog.