Tuesday, March 2, 2010

23 Weeks

Feeling much larger faster this time around.


Erika Hanks said...

Oh you look SO cute!!!! You look great, only big in the tummy! I love that picture, totally classic--trying to get a shot of yourself, in the mirror. Where are you? Are you still working at UFCF?

Sabrina said...

Word on the street is you get fatter sooner with the second and so on. I still don't think you look huge.

MMB Peggy said...

You look beautiful!!!

Mrs. Warren said...

my belly is hanging over my pants already and i'm only on week 10... you're doing great kirstypantspiepants, for serious.

Teisha said...

umm... you look amazing! I think it's just your boobs that are larger! Lucky Tim!

Jeri said...

You get bigger faster with the second but I think the second pregnancy went by faster so it all works out in the end! And believe me, the second child grows up faster too!

Amy & Wes said...

You look adorable..
Love the UFCF bathroom? hah!

Salt H2O said...

1. You're gorgeous
2. I'm so glad it's you and not me. :)

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