Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm in love...

...with my little cracker jack, our friends, our family, our life...etc. We just got back from a weekend trip with some friends to Bear Lake and it couldn't have been any more fun. Cooking, eating, talking, relaxing, playing in the sand (cold sand) and watching movies. Despite Miles having a gnarly runny nose from teething and a persistent cough (for over a week now)-- I don't think it gets much better than that. When I download our trip photos I will post them up here. Until then, this picture from my sis' blog will have to suffice. Ohhhh I could just kiss those cheeks right off!

Moku (Meg's dog) and Miles chillin'

P.S.-- big news! Miles took his first steps up at the Cabin and everyone witnessed. By far the BEST moment of 2010.

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Salt H2O said...

I've said it a million times before, and I'll say it a million times again- Miles is BEAUTIFUL.