Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When did my little one get so big? Yesterday morning I watched this monkey scale the bathroom counter top. I know I should have stopped him but I just sat there watching him. First he conquered the toilet by pushing off of the tub and then he managed to pull himself up onto the bathroom counter top by gripping onto the faucet. I was seriously baffled by this. This kid can't even walk yet and he's already climbing on EVERYTHING (couch, coffee table, dogs and apparently counter-tops now). His favorite toy is his plastic slide, of which he climbs the ladder by himself and slides down on his stomach FACE FIRST! He has already endured three bloody mouths because he likes to do things by himself without help. This kid is so daring already. I thought I had a few more years to come to grips with this whole rambunctious boy thing, but apparently not. It's a good thing he's so dang cute! BTW-- what the heck do I do with all of his curls? Does being called a little girl on an hourly basis make it time to cut them? I sure hope not-- I'm not sure I can part with them.


Sabrina said...

He's so cute. I think you should cut his hair but then I know what it's like having it cut when you don't so just do what you want.

Salt H2O said...

Do NOT cut the hair.


Anyone that calls him a girl is 1-clueless and 2- has no idea what's totally hip right now.

Anonymous said...

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MMB Peggy said...

Do NOT cut his hair until it is down to the middle of his back!!!! I must remind you of the picture of his Dad climbing a 12 foot ladder (about the same age as Miles - at least the curly hair looks the same) and Tim didn't walk until August 16, 1980. He was
16 months and 9 days old. GOOD LUCK!!!

Liz said...

They do grow-up too fast. It seriously feels just like yesterday when my oldest was his age. Whe I'm in Utah next, I'm giving you a call.