Monday, July 12, 2010

Keepin' Busy & Catchin' Up!

Fourth of July
The day we were released from the hospital we attended the fireworks display at Eaglewood Golf Course. We didn't actually stick around for the actual show because it was past Miles' bedtime, Graham was only 3 days old, and quite frankly I was tired (you can tell in the pictures).
"what up?"
Miles was a little bummed they didn't have corn at the fireworks festivities. He was looking forward to it-- thus the pouty lip. :(
The next day we did fireworks outside our little home and threw pops on the cement. Fun stuff-- to Miles anyway. Graham slept comfortably in Grandma's arms through the entire show.
Miles has been practicing his jumping skills not only on the ground, but also on Grandma & Grandpa Fuller's trampoline.
Graham's First Bath
As you can tell he thoroughly loved it.
The bath lasted all of 5 minutes because he was in major breakdown mode.

Hiking Silver Lake
On Saturday we hiked Silver Lake board walk with Mindy, Jack & Grace.
Taking a lunch break
Miles and Jack LOVED playing in the trees and growling at passer-byers.
Graham practically slept through the entire day.
At the end of the hike Miles' little legs were getting tired and he decided to take a needed break on the board walk. He lied down in the middle and waited there for Daddy to pick him up.

More Visitors
Great Aunt Kim & Great Grandma Vigil
Uncle Tad, Aunt Sabrina & Cousin Logan
Mindy was in town for a singing gig and took time to visit us as well-- we sure do miss those guys. :(
Aunty Meggy has made multiple trips up to visit.
Lastly, I will leave you with a picture of what we have been doing a lot of-- sleeping.

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Dan and Laura said...

I can't believe you went out in public the day you were released. But hey, if you were feeling well enough- awesome! I just know with McKenna, I didn't have any desire to go out for a good while- b/c I hurt a lot! Great documenting all the visitors! That Miles is such a looker! :)