Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Saying Goodbye & Saying Hello!

Saying Goodbye

Wow! Where to begin? First, let me say how sad I am about quitting my job. It's such a catch 22 because I know I am where I need to be-- at home with my two boys, but I will miss my friends at work. After 7 years with the Utah Foster Care Foundation I spent my last day wrapping things up on Wednesday. Tim and Miles surprised me with a visit to take pictures and say goodbye. Miles spent his time playing with the train set in the foyer and stealing my co worker's exercise ball.
My office :(

I will miss these folks. It's weird to go from seeing them everyday to not at all. I hope to stay in contact with them and visit often. Sob.

Saying Hello!

Now onto the main event of this post. Enters Graham. Who knew your heart could expand so much with love? Again, I'm overcome with the gratitude I have for my little family. I fall more and more in love with Tim as I watch him being a daddy to our two kids. Two kids?!?!? It sounds so weird to say that, but life with two kids now has been better than expected. Although Graham was not planned we can't imagine life without him-- even just after 5 days with him. He has just fit in great and Miles has been the best big brother. He's been extremely gentle and soft, kind, sharing and full of love himself-- he has to give Graham kisses on the head just about every time he notices him and when he sees that Graham doesn't have a binky he tries giving him his own. Tim always states that Graham and Miles were best buds before they entered this world and that's why Graham couldn't wait to get here-- he just had to be with his big brother.

Labor and delivery was much easier this time around. Instead of pushing for almost 4 hours, we only had to push for 45 minutes and out he came. Compared to Miles, Graham's little body seemed less battered and bruised. No NICU, no IV's and no antibiotics-- he's perfectly healthy.

Blonde hair!
I started a tradition with Miles, where I made his take-home shirt and just a few days before Graham was born I finally got around to finishing his. He looks so handsome in this little outfit-- and as little as it was, it still drowned him.

We've already had lots of visitors
Uncle Nate & Ashley
Aunty Meggy
Camma & Bompa Fuller
Grandma Wade
The day we were discharged from the hospital we had a showing at our home so we had to bunk out at my mom's house for the afternoon while Miles took his nap. Keep your fingers crossed we get an offer. In the picture above I think Graham looks like his daddy-- big time! He has the Fuller nose and eyes.
There is nothing better than this-- my three favorite boys!
Lastly, I thought I would be interesting to post a picture of Miles and Graham both coming home from the hospital so you could see the similarities and difference between them as newborns. I think Graham looks slightly more masculine than Miles did and he definitely has chubbier cheeks than Miles did. Just love these two boys.
Miles 2009

Graham 2010


Sabrina said...

Graham's shirt probably took longer becaues more letters. Hee! I bet that's where you guys were hiding out when Tad and Logan rode their bikes over to your house. We'll have to come visit tomorrow if you are available. Graham in all the photos I've seen looks so big. I can't believe how much he looks like Miles.

Teisha said...

He totally looks like Tim! Love that blond hair! The pic's are so great! I love the shirt! Such a cute tradition!
So it's Miles in 2009, Graham in 2010, a girl in 2011?
That sounds awesome to me!
So glad to hear it was easier this time around! Wishing you a great recovery!

Love you guys!

Dan and Laura said...

I know the Foundation will miss you too! Congrats on a beautiful handsome boy! Hope you're recovering quickly!

Meg said...

What's coming in 2011???? hee hee