Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July Update!

WARNING: This is a long update intended for family. If you get bored looking at the many photographs of my kids please click the red "x" in the upper left-hand corner.

Okay now that the warning is out of the way I will proceed to overload those who have remained with pictures of our many activities.

Picnic up Millcreek Canyon
In order for me to stay sane, I've decided that I need to get out of the house more often than when I had Miles. Granted Miles was born in the middle of winter and RSV season. This particular Sunday we decided to drive up Millcreek and have a little picnic with our good friends, the Thompsons. The kids enjoyed throwing rocks and sticks into the creek while I planted myself down on a park bench and nursed Graham.
A very curious Miles checking out EVERYTHING.
Smart kid! He knows something should come out of that spigot. Lovely.

Pioneer Day Festivities
This is my favorite time of year-- all the festivals and parties-- we are going to miss this all next year. Every year Bountiful City has a parade, food stands and rides for the kids. I can't believe my baby is old enough to ride them-- and enjoy them, nonetheless. I thought for sure he would just sit there in a daze, but he actually cracked a smile and giggled a bit when he came whipping around the corner.

I could just cry looking at that picture below. It's amazing to see the bond between these two boys already. Miles ABSOLUTELY adores Graham and looks for him EVERY morning when he wakes up. Our morning ritual goes a bit like this: Miles wakes up, comes crawling down the stairs, looks in the moses basket and gives Graham a kiss. No joke. It's such a sweet thing to witness and each time Miles goes to give him a kiss I wait for a slap on the face or a bite of the nose, but he has yet to show any aggression towards his little brother. Amazing.
Hangin' with the Fam
This kid won't eat A THING! I think he's had applesauce, rice and beans for almost two weeks now. He's on some sort of hunger strike and demands milk none stop! I know my dad is reveling in this information because apparently I was the "world's worst eater", but I have news-- this kid challenges me for that title. Whatever he does decide to eat, he has to feed himself. Thus, we've given up on looking nice. He's a boy. He doesn't care to have sticky fingers, food down his shirt or in his nose, so why should I?
Oh I forgot to mention that another staple in his diet is watermelon.
Snugglin' with Aunty Beana!
Chillin' with my cool surfer dude cousin Aidan.

Park Silly Festival with Teisha & Aidan
I just wanted to take note of Miles' hair in the morning. This is before any taming has occurred. It's pretty much the sweetest mop of hair EVER!

Matching with my Aunty Teisha! They're both a vision in green stripes.
My three boys at the Silly Festival up in Park City.
Getting big!
best buds!

I knew this would happen and it didn't surprise me when I turned around to see Miles had climbed up into Graham's baby swing and was drinking his morning bottle of milk.
We've also caught him playing with Graham's car seat on multiple occasions. In fact, just yesterday he pulled the car seat over into the living room and positioned it in front of the TV, turned the TV on and climbed inside. He sat there and watched a good 20 minutes of TV while chillin' in it. When I went over to check out the situation, the TV was set on Fox news and it could have been the most boring thing ever, but he was just content to be sitting there. Silly kiddo.
Wishing he fit into the moses basket again.
I seriously look so tired in this picture and quite frankly I am! Life with two kids is non-stop-- and non-stop fun! There is no down time for anything-- except at midnight, which is why I'm posting this so late.

Good night-- I'm going to bed!


Mrs. Warren said...

i love the super long update and all the pictures!!!

Meg said...

I just love mile's hair in the morning!! and all of the pictures were ADORABLE!! I love those 2 little boys.

Dan and Laura said...

I stayed to see the whole thing, and I'm not family! :) It's fun to see how much Graham is chaning. Miles just looks busy as ever! Great update!

Mike & Mindy said...

Love it. Mike and I looked at all this together. We also love that you guys are totally turning into Mexicanos with the new blog title :)

You guys are awesome. We cry nightly because we miss you (well...almost nightly :)). Congrats on the house. Congrats on the good looking kids. Congrats on the you guys have a lot going on.

oxoxox M&M