Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Not exactly the face you would expect from someone that has visited the time-out mat for the 87th time that day. Apparently he thinks it's fun to sit on the mat. Ugggh. He also thinks it's funny to bite mommy's toes while nursing, and to pinch Graham's arms. Yep-- I can no longer say that my sweet little boy has not been aggressive with his sweet little brother. We're well onto our way into what they say is the "terrible twos". Wish us luck. :)


Salt H2O said...

I read something on time out that said though the kids think it's fun at first, stay consistant with it and they'll begin to understand...at least I hope.

Samantha likes to smack her dad in the left eye- frequently. Oh, and bite the back of mommy's thighs...aside from that I LOVE THIS AGE!!!

Teisha said...

I am laughing so hard right now! Funny Miles, he is just pushing his limits trying to figure out his new boundary's. He will stop in time just keep it up.

LOVE that boy!!

Sabrina said...

I shouldn't laugh but I am. Sorry. Logan is really good with time out so I don't know what to tell. Logan did however put me in time out this weekend. Maybe it's the age because Baby Belle had a hard time with their new baby and she's 6 months older than Miles.

Meg said...

yeah he looks like he is really hating that time out mat. Learning his lesson. ha ha ha.