Monday, August 9, 2010

All Sorts of Get Togethers!

Goodbye Work Get Togethers
First up, my work celebrated with lunch, a slide show of pictures of my time spent at the foundation and cake. So sad to say goodbye to these folks. I almost made it without crying until I looked at my friend Nikki and then I BROKE DOWN!

Tim's office also had a little BBQ up Millcreek Canyon to not only say goodbye to him, but a few other people as well. Everyone brought food from their perspective cultures. We tried some delicious authentic Indian food and some Iranian yogurt/milk and chicken kebobs. DELISH!
K.C. is from India and he's returning there within a week to meet and marry his wife. Such a nice guy-- and he LOVED to play with Miles. I know it doesn't look like it in the picture above, but Miles ran circles around K.C. and practically forced him to pay attention to him.
Tim works with some of the nicest folks.

Of course, Graham slept through the entire occasion.
Fuller Family Camp Trip/Tubing at Southfork
This past Christmas Sabrina gave everyone in the family the gift of a camp trip. Although we were unable to do the actual camping we went up during the day to join in the festivities.
Miles liked the idea of wearing the life vest, but once inside the frigid cold water on top of dad in the tube it was a different story. Tim struggled to keep him on the tube the entire way down. Good thing the water moved at the pace of a snail and it was only 2 inches deep (no joke-- Tim said his butt was dragging on the bottom).
Enjoying his itty bitty camp chair.

Fuller Family Fotos
These are not the professional pictures. These are the ones I took and as you can see Logan didn't want to cooperate.
Take note of the squinty eyed boy on the right. Love him.

Aidan and Graham
Addy and Miles
Addy and Aidan
Jack and Marcus
Grandma & Graham

1 Month Already!
And actually he's closer to 6 weeks now that I'm actually getting around to posting this. At his 2 week appointment he was roughly 50th percentile in everything and had almost gained a pound since his birth. Since then he has grown like a little bean sprout and at this rate I wouldn't be surprised if he weighs 30 lbs. at his 2 month appointment.

Hanging at Home
Meggy has become a frequent visitor again. She loves to snuggle Graham and play with Miles and I just know these two boys are going to miss her tons when we move. Speaking of which, we close on our home September 1st and will be making the trek down to "the land of enchantment" soon after.

Funny kid. I have to be careful with this kiddo, because he thinks it's hilarious to put EVERYTHING on his head and walk around blind bumping into everything.

Fire Truck Park
After reading Sabrina's post about this park we decided to check it out. What a fun park it was. When it was time to leave Miles had a caniption fit! I mean total and utter break down-- kicking, screaming, biting, clawing. I've never seen this before and again couldn't help but hold back the laughter as I was strapping my unruly child into his car seat as other moms were watching me leave. Motherhood is glorious sometimes, isn't it?
Maybe part of the reason he didn't want to leave was because he found a little puppy prison love. This little girl and Miles were talking, giggling and holding hands through the fence and I had flash forwards to what my life is going to be with this little Rico Suave.
Later that day, we decided to return to the park after nap time and to show Dad what a cool place it was.

Sunday Family BBQ
What a sweet snuggle bug Graham is. Miles NEVER cuddled even at this age. We are loving every minute of it.
As you can see Grandma and Grandpa Fuller have been busy building a deck and of course Miles loves to play in the construction mess. Always fun to visit/play/eat with family. In fact, I think Miles had SOOOO much fun yesterday that he equates that purple shirt he was wearing with fun now. Today he has brought that shirt to me almost 18 times out of the laundry basket asking me to put it on him and then he leads me to the door with his hand and says "bye bye".


MMB Peggy said...

LOVE this post - the pictures are all so fun!!! I can't think about you leaving.............sigh.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Nice work. I came across your blog while “blog surfing” using the “Next Blog” button in the Nav Bar at the top of my blogspot blog. I occasionally just check out other blogs to see what others are doing.