Saturday, October 2, 2010

8 years down

Above are some of the most important things that have happened to us the last 8 years.

Eight years has gone fast! When I look back at the last eight years I think of everything we have accomplished and how far we've come. From living in subsidized housing and scraping by every month when we were first married to having two kids and being financially stable. It's crazy what 8 years, an education, the church, family and friends can do for you. So here's to 8 and eternity more. Love you babe.


Sara T. said...

Aww how awesome!!! I am amazed in what has happened in the year and 10 months for Adam and I, I'm excited to see how the next 8 go. That's so awesome all the progress you guys have made in that time. I mean when we got married if you had told us we would own a town home by now I would have laughed at you! Heavenly father has an amazing way of making things work out.

Amy and Wes said...

Many many congrats to you guys!
What a great 8 yrs to celebrate.
Love the cute little thing you made highlightinig the most important things.
How are you girl!
Miss you like crazy!
Much Love,

mary said...
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Ashley said...

Happy 8 years! We miss you guys!

Jeri said...

Happy anniversary! October is a great month to get married. I can't believe my 7 year is in a couple weeks! Cute post- I better start putting something together :)

Danae said...

Happy 8 Years! That is awesome! I have to say your family and baby pics are awesome... what a darling family you have!! Gary and I have been married 7 1/2 years, and I'm not quite sure we have it as together as you do, but here's to hoping that we'll be there by the time we hit 8. :)