Monday, October 25, 2010

A First and A Last!

After much lead up and anxiety about Miles' dreaded FIRST dentist appointment, he took it rather well. The first 10-15 seconds in the seat were the hardest until he realized that the brush was not hurting him. Then he realized the toothpaste tasted rather yummy and that kept his attention just long enough for the dentist to give his teeth a quick count and brush. All looked well. Phew.

Afterwards Tim and myself got a good scolding from the dentist for still allowing our child a bottle of milk each day. Shame on us! I tried explaining to our dentist about all of the change that has ensued over the last 2-3 months, with hopes that would cut me some slack, but she wasn't have any of it. I left the dentist feeling like the world's worst mom. I'm not putting this out here to receive validation or reassurance, but rather to ask you all what your child's first dentist appointments were like???

New things I learned or were told by our dentist (some of which I agree with and some I don't):

-My child should have stopped using a bottle by the age of one and a sippy cup by 18 months.
-My children should only nurse until one years old and then go straight to a sippy cup (now this I couldn't believe-- my Child's dentist, not pediatrician, telling me to stop nursing my child. Not sure that's her place to speak??? Peeved me a bit)
-I should straddle my Child's head every night on the ground to get a good brushing (what?!?! Like that's not traumatizing?)
-And lastly, from here on out all parents and guardians sit in the waiting room while their children receive services. (is this normal? I had never heard of such a thing.)

Anyway, so this brings me to the LAST part: Miles had his last bottle 5 days ago and we haven't looked back since. It didn't even affect him. It made me more sad than anything to think that my little baby is no longer that-- he's a little boy!

Next on our agenda to big boyhood-- taking the binky away. Wish us luck.

Graham sat in the corner of the exam room just smiling away. I think the twinkle in his eye says it all, "glad it's not me in that chair". Just love him.


Sara T. said...

Personally I would find another dentist! A Parent should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be in the exam room with a child, especially a child as young as miles. Not only to comfort the child but its also a liability for the doctor to not have them there. Nor, do I like they way they were talking to you. Tooth brushing shouldn't be torture for a child.

That being said, YOU HAVE SERIOUSLY ADORABLE CHILDREN! I'm so digging Grahams cheeks with that smile!

Teisha said...

Ummm...Never, never have a heard of any of that! Get a new dentist ASAP! She should be praising you for bringing your child in at such a young age! I didn't take my kids until they were three and I certainly have never sat in the waiting room! I'm pretty sure breast feeding is completely up to the mother! On a side note I miss your boys like crazy they are so stinkin cute!

Mrs. Warren said...

whoa, first off, GRAHAM IS FREAKING CUTE.

second, screw that lady for telling you not to nurse... doctors recommend it until they're like 18 or so. kidding, but still, it's so ok to nurse until 2 or even after.

i would always stay with my kid in any exam room, sorry, but that's your child with a stranger in a big bright room with weird instruments. mommy stays.

the straddling thing i get because lucy is a holy terror and for awhile, wouldn't let you brush her without doing exactly that. she wouldn't even open her mouth. if you can believe it, she would end up laughing when we finally tackled her and brushed her teeth via a WWE wrestling hold. :)

lucy's first dentist's visit was a total bust. she refused to look at them, much less open her mouth. at all.

seems like your dentist was kind of a word that rhymes with punt. yikes bikes. new dentist is my advice too.

Dan and Laura said...

Oh great! Now I'm worried about all the stuff I'm doing wrong too with McKenna's dental care! Maybe I'll hold off until she's closer to three.

I'm glad getting rid of the bottle went so well. I also think you're awesome for taking Miles in so young!

Jeri said...
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Kirsten said...

Geri-- I couldn't agree more with you about questioning professionals-- that's what we pay them for, right? I do think it's okay to have our own opinions and if we feel something isn't right we can seek additional opinions. :) After we left the dentist Tim and I were discussing how brutal it is to here the truth sometimes. However, I do think that the dentists sole purpose and concern is for the teeth and nothing else and we need to find a good balance between what the pediatrician, dentist and what we as parents feel is right for our own children. I have so much respect for what you do. Teachers don't get enough kudos these days and it's got to be tough when parents hinder their children's growth. Thanks for what you do and thanks for putting your thoughts on my comment board-- I truly appreciate them. Sure do miss you guys :)

Kirsten said...

Ahhhhhh Jeri! Sorry I spelled your name wrong. :(

Kawasaki Fam said...

Hmm. Well, I personally would find another dentist too. (And we have had some experiences with dentists :)). Colin had actually cavities when he was two (Looks like some pitting in his teeth from some childhood medications may have helped make them more prone.) Now, we can't seem to keep the fillings in so he has to have them rebuilt every few months it seems like. I am always allowed in the room (if I request). However, they have asked me to stay out with my infant (due to space and distractions). But it was more of a request and not a hardline rule.
Our dentists were careful to emphasis what I should be doing but never went out of their way to make me feel bad about something, so that is another reason you should look into someone else.
Hope you guys are doing well in NM!