Monday, October 18, 2010

More Visitors!

After one month apart Miles and Grandma Wade were reunited in New Mexico. Even though their plane arrived late into the evening we felt it special enough to keep the kids up for the occasion.
Although the picture below is blurry I love it, nonetheless. He could hardly contain himself with excitement and ran to her with all of his might.
Kailee, Grandma and Miles reunited at last!
The weekend was short, but we packed it full of activity.

After a ride down a hot slide, Miles has been terrified to play on any playground equipment. That was until this past weekend. Thanks to Kailee he is now a slide pro.
Graham absolutely adores his daddy. His giggles, gummy smiles and chubby cheeks make it extremely hard to not eat him up.

Of course we had to take Grandma Wade and Kailee up the tram to check out the view. I was thinking the second time around Miles wouldn't be as scared of the Tram, but he was. While up at the top we met a family that are in our stake. We struck up a conversation with them after we noticed their BYU apparel. :) Small world.
I just wanted to take note of the picture above. Graham has gotten HUGE! When complete strangers ask how old my children are they are surprisingly alarmed when I tell them Graham is approximately 3.5 months. He could easily pass for a 6 month old.
Miles has been obsessed with "monk--eyes" (Monkeys) and he found this sock monkey hat that Aunty Teisha bought him and can not be separated from it.
Wagner's farm is no Thanksgiving Point, but it sufficed our pumpkin patch needs. They had this really fun corn kernal box that the kids LOVED digging in. Could not pry Miles away from that.

I'm sure Miles is saying "ball" in the picture below. All pumpkins are balls to him.
Grandma Wade came bearing gifts and toys. This new sock monkey is a fave around our house. We loved having Grandma Wade visit. Miles and Grandma have a special bond. There is something about their relationship and how they interact that I love witnessing. Maybe it's that they are both obsessed with each other. It was a rather sad this morning when we dropped Grandma and Kailee off at the airport. The drive home was solemn and tearful. We can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving. Love you.


Dan and Laura said...

How fun! Grandmas are the best!

MMB Peggy said...

Wow - so much packed into one weekend. Great pictures!!! Love all the monkey toys, PJs, books!!!
Miss you all - thank heaven for your blogs!!!

Amy and Wes said...

Fun picture updates.
Miles & Graham are too cute.
Looks like you guys are having fun in NM. I want to chat.
?Maybe event a vacay to NM? I am looking into it.
Much Love,
Miss you.

Jeri said...

How fun to have grandma there. I can't imagine my girls being away from their many grandma's. I'm glad that Miles has a special bond with your mom. Allie has that with my mom and I love it!

Meg said...

I love the picture of miles going down the slide... he looks like he has airplane arms on and he is about to take flight! heee hee... so cute

Danny said...

completely fun and it is indeed real happy moment for being got together rest of family.
Thanks for beautiful sharing picture all are cute and perfect.