Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mingling in Moab

This past weekend we met up with family and friends in Moab.  The boys did awesome camping, as usual.  They are quickly becoming camping pros!
While there we went climbing and for the first time we were able to get both boys to put the harness on and climb the rock.  I believe it had something to do with watching their cousin and buddy who climbed before them.
The second day there we hiked up to Corona arch with the intentions to watch daddy, uncle Tad, and our buddy Sean do the rope swing.  Once we arrived at the arch I quickly realized that I wasn't going to be able to occupy my kids' time for a few hours while they rigged up the rope and each took their turns. Not to mention the line of people before them that also wanted to do the same thing.  So we watched a few individuals swing and rappel, ate lunch, and then headed back down the treacherous trail (in a few spots they had cables you had to hold onto to get up the slick rock).
The arch was beautiful and well worth the hike.  Unfortunately it exhausted my father-in-law right out!  He had to take a needed snooze at the top.  Looks comfy, huh? ;)
On our last day we visited Sand Dune arch.  We buried our toes and plastic dinosaurs in the soft sand
cutest little chunk!  He's half the age of Graham, but weighs just as much!
Just love this lady!  We wish we lived closer to the Thompsons.  boo hoo! :(
This kid was in heaven.  Family, friends, sand and dinosaurs! Life doesn't get any better than that?
After we had our fill of the sand and sun we said our good byes, packed up our car, and made our drive home.  Such a relaxing weekend with family and friends.  Miles is still talking about his cousins and friends a few days later-- I think he misses them terribly. :(

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