Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend

This past weekend we booked it on up to Villanueva State Park and hiked around the Pecos River.  It was a perfect day to tube down the river, but we came unprepared so we will definitely be returning with swimsuits and intertubes in tow.
Then on Monday we went to the ABQ Biopark Zoo.  The boys LOVED watching the sea lions through the glass as they showed off.  We also enjoyed feeding the giraffes-- which took all of 2 seconds before they snatched the tree branches out of our little one's hands.  The park attendant told me to get ready with my camera and before I  knew it the giraffe had already bent over licked the limbs out of Miles' fingers.  I only knew this by the giggles that then emerged from Miles.  I wish I could have captured that moment-- M thought he was pretty cool stuff.
On a sadder note, Tim and I have been following this family's blog online for a few weeks now and they recently lost their four year old son to an awful and quick acting form of cancer.  This morning while working out at the gym I read their son's obituary and just broke down crying.  So so so sad!  Only sad doesn't even convey the feelings I'm sure they are going through.  Although I've never met this family, they and their son, Atticus, have made an impression on us. Their strength in the gospel and faith during these trying times are an inspiration and motivation to live my life more fully with my family, with my religion, with my friends/neighbors...etc.  I encourage you to head on over and read their story-- truly an inspirational one!  What an amazing little boy.  Makes me want to kiss on and snuggle my little ones a little longer.

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Erika Hanks said...

So sad about that little boy. BTW, no wonder you are SOOO skinny-you are always hiking!!! I need to live by you so you can motivate me to get in better shape!