Tuesday, June 19, 2012

All Aboard-- The Dinosaur Train!

PBS's Dinosaur Train made a debut at the Durango/Silverton railroad station.  Of course with our love for that show we just had to purchase tickets!  Quickly upon arriving at the station I realized my camera memory card was at home.  I sent the kidlets and Tim ahead and I ran around (literally ran with my flip flops in hand) around Durango from store to store looking for dsl memory cards.  After running almost 2.5 miles (tracked it on my phone) I arrived at the station and looked down to see my toe was a bloody mess.  It's a good thing I run every day at the gym-- I'm not sure I would have been in shape to do that this time last year. :)
With that little chaos behind us, we rode the train from T-Rex station to Pteranodon Station.  Aboard the train the conductor came around and punched the kids' tickets-- they thought they were the coolest things since sliced bread (what does that saying mean anyway?).
Once at Pteranodon station we spent a couple of hours digging around in the dirt for fossils, jumping in the bounce houses, getting dinosaur tattoos (stickers), and listening to the live music.
They also had spray painted life size dino-prints that the kids were absolutely enamored by.  So much that Miles just had to touch it and throw the rocks, destroying the outlined print.  Leave it to my kid...
At the end of the day, the kids were sad to leave behind all of the festivities, but daddy definitely made up for it by purchasing almost $60 worth of Dinosaur Train memorabilia (spoiled rotten kiddos)!  Who ever came up with the idea to put together dinosaurs and trains (two major loves of toddler children) into one show is an absolute genius.  My kids can't get enough of that show.

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Dan and Laura said...

It IS a pretty genius show! McKenna even likes it and she's a girl. :) What an awesome day! Good job finding a memory card too!