Monday, June 4, 2012

Night at the Circus

On Saturday, Barnum's and Bailey's Circus rolled into town and we bought some last minute tickets to see it.  
Miles' favorite act-- "the elatents" (elephants)!
Graham's favorite act-- the dancing/trickster doggies!
Mommy & Daddy's favorite act-- watching the kids giggle the entire night!
I know it appears as if Miles was crying, but he was just extremely tired from his fun day in the sun.
So tired, in fact, that the second we got home he couldn't even make the trek upstairs to his room before falling asleep.
These boys were extremely exhausted from all of the fun had this busy weekend-- putt putt golfing, splash pad park, and the circus!  Such a fun weekend.

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Dan and Laura said...

It IS so fun to see the kids eyes and faces light up! :)