Monday, June 4, 2012

Putt-Putt-Putting Around

Not too far from our home is a local "fun center" with go-carts, paint ball, laser tag, arcade games, and miniature putt putt golf.  This was our first time out golfing with the kiddos and they did rather well.  I wouldn't claim any of us to be the next Tiger Woods, but we had our share of fun.  Oh and take note of M's hair-- it's the shortest it has EVER been.  I love that I can see his eyes, and I think he has a whole new perspective on the world, because he too can actually see everything now. :)
I said hug your brother for the photo, not strangle him!
Tim caught me in my "mid-booyah hole in one" dance.
 Despite the fact that we had to constantly remind them not to throw their balls into the small bodies of water or hit each other's sticks like swords we actually had a blast.

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