Thursday, July 12, 2007

A big scare! Or should I say scar?

K-Bug just got her appendix removed! It was quite the surprise and it all happened so quickly, but now that it is all over with her, she is feeling much better. Before Kailee received any drugs, she was in some excruciating pain (which was horrible to watch someone you love in such pain and feel completely helpless). Once she got a good dose of morphine she was out cold and woke up having all sorts of delusions--some of them were hilarious. I couldn't help but laugh at some of them. However, Kailee has been in high spirits and she was up and walking around the hospital just 6 hours after her surgery. All of the nurses have been complementing her on her stoic demeanor.

Tim and I got her a build-a-bear and then Tim decided that we should stitch in a little scar to help commemorate this momentous occassion. She thought that was the coolest thing ever and wouldn't put it down the entire time we were at the hospital with her. She decided to name the bear "Scarlett"--very appropriate I thought!


Sabrina said...

Hee! Hee! I was telling Tad about the bear. He thought it was cute.

Sorry I didn't sit by you last night. I was so excited to see Collette (she used to work at S&W but then when she had her 1st baby she quit) so I haven't seen her for over a year.

Erika Hanks said...

OH, so sad! Glad she is feeling better now. Cute bear idea with stiches, very clever!