Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Ka Ka Bug

Ka Ka turned 11 yesterday! Here are a few things about her that some of you may have never known.

1. She was ADDICTED to Barney when she was little and knew EVERY song and dance move.
2. She LOVES hair gel and hair spray and hates it when any fly away strand of hair gets out of place.
3. She is an amazing ballet dancer
4. She is pursing acting and likes to practice her commercials in front of me...which are
hilarious (I think I've heard about Tide and Double Bubble one too many times now).
5. She has the most beautiful blue eyes (that she gets from her daddy)
6. When she was just a babe she burned her arm really bad on a steamer. She wore bandages
on her arm for almost 6 months and she still has a pretty gnarly scar from it.
7. She's silly beyond words.
8. She's a show-off and loves it when she is the center of attention
9. She's extremely spoiled, because she is the baby of the family (I'm guilty of this as well).
10. She has a nephew that is 3 years older than her and she thinks that is pretty rad.
11. She's as skinny as a bean-pod
12. She gives the BEST hugs EVER!
13. She loves science
14. Ever since she was little she has loved making her own "concoctions". We would find her
sitting on the bathroom counter when she was 3 years old playing with wet toilet paper,
lotion, and anything else she could get her hands on. She would tell me it was a new
perfume she was making for me.
15. She is Miss Social-Butterfly and everywhere we go she knows someone and is good friends
with just about everyone.
16. She's a sweetie-pie and I love having her in my life. She makes family outings that much more fun and I enjoy her company. She's going to grow up to be an amazing person and I'm so excited to see what she does with her life. Happy birthday sis--I love you!


The Van Leeuwen Family said...

I can't believe she's already 11! Crazy!

Sabrina said...

I'm worried about the Barney comment because Logan watched it yesterday at my mom's house and she said he stopped everything he was doing and just danced along with the songs. He can't love Barney.

Sim & Kam said...

We miss you

Sim & Kam said...

We miss you

Sim & Kam said...

And...we miss you

Em said...

What a sweet tribute, are such a good sister, and must be a wonderful example to Kailee. I remember that she loved Barney, and will add one more. Sue ROCKED her sleep like she was doing squats in a Pilates class. The first time I tended her, I gave her bottle, and thought it would be easy enough to gently rock her for a minute and put her in her crib. Not Kailee! Sue told me I had to "really rock" her to sleep, but I didn't know my hamstrings and quads would be burning from the workout! Ha HA. She was the most beautiful little baby with long, eyelashes, and you're right, the most beautiful blue eyes that she gets from her dad. She has grown up into such a darling girl!